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The Founding of Pets Gone Green University





In 1999, Kathy and I adopted Cedar Dog. She was born in Bailey, CO to a most respected breeder. As a Chesapeake Bay retriever most would assume she would become an outstanding hunting dog. Things went awry early on when a person bought her to hunt.

Cedar’s story in her own words here….. “Originally, I thought this hunting gig might be fun; I fast learned it was not. Truth is the sound of gunshots scared me stiff. We would be out training and if I did not fetch the way he wanted me to, he would take hold of my ear and almost pull it off; he yelled and cussed at me. He would say, ‘when I tell you to fetch, you fetch’! Hurting me and penning me up outdoors was supposed to change my behavior; all it did was frighten me even more.

I wish I would have had a say in who took me because right away, I knew something was wrong. This guy was a serious bird hunter and he decided it was my job to retrieve his downed birds. In other words, he tried to force me to become his bird-finding machine. One day I just told him to fetch his own damn birds; well now, that was the beginning of the end!
Things got more dreadful; I was beaten, my throat injured and I needed medical attention. Fortunately, the breeder found out what was happening; I was taken to a shelter and in time returned to my birthplace where I was renamed, retrained, and returned to the right paw-path. I was put up for adoption with a local Chessie rescue group; my Moms happened to be waiting for a dog just like me and Hurrah, I was adopted; hunting was just not my life’s work. Little did I know then, I hit the jackpot!”
Eight years later, Cedar Dog became an author and a well-known pet therapy dog. Cedar and her transcriber, Kathy Deitsch wrote two books giving pets and their people the know-how to shrink their carbon paw-prints. Her books were distinct, they marked new territory; and an out-pouring of attention followed to pets and sustainability.

In 2011, Cedar’s paw-suit was the founding of Pets Gone Green University; a place where pets and their people learn how humans sway their pet’s health. Her teachings focus on taking action and persuading others to do the same. In Cedar’s words, “If you don’t act, what are you doing? What are you waiting for? Who will you tell, and when?”

At Cedar’s passing (May 22, 2014), the strong-minded Chesapeake Bay retriever served as Dean of the College for Sustainable Behaviors. Her research and expertise will carry on; Poop-to-Power projects and Emerging Technologies along with discovering new Eco-Solutions for a Pet’s Daily Life. Cedar Dog for Mayor™ raised money for animal and eco-causes anywhere and everywhere to build sustainable communities.


PGGU Teacher, Lisa Faust


 Pets Gone Green University is A Place to Learn, Gather & Howl 




Ernie puppyHBaby-13-241x300Hillary feline and canine Ernie carry on Cedar’s work. Her Moms teach classes. Hillary and Ernest will be introducing a downright rousing package soon. 




Pets Gone Green University Offerings

  • PetTech™ CPR, First Aid and Care for Your Pet
  • PetTech™ 3 Day Instructor Training Course
  • Knowing Your Pet’s Health
  • What’s in Your Pet’s Lunch Box
  • Hiking and Walking Safety for Your Dog
  • Canine Colors™ A Personality Matching for You and Your Pet
  • True Colors™ A model for understanding people’s unique personalities by color sorts; giving people further understanding of the behaviors and motivation of others